Remote Working

My app which was working just fine suddenly started misbehaving. It looks like an architectural bug to me. I have tried every possible way to mitigate the issue by moving around the code but none turned out to be a correct solution.

I am at home and am working at a speed of 512 kbps or 256 kbps. I am able to work fine except a few things. Watching videos is a very problematic. You can only do one thing at a time. You are never sure if your app is slow or its just network. At least a speed of 1 or 2 mbps would be nice. Mobile internet is very expensive to be used with work machine. I need to look into more offline coding tricks.

Today for the first time I referred to source code of Android to figure out my problem. I wanted to know what happens when one sets an adapter over and over again. I referred to the code and that was enlightening.

As I am working from home I have realized that one of the important things is that you need a stable place where you can setup things to do your work. A space that doesn’t change. The way my current house is designed makes it hard to do that.

Next time I plan something I will try to look for these things. If there’s a power outlet or not. What about table and chair? And the elephant in the room, Internet.