So, how did you get here?

My path to Google wasn’t a typical one. I don’t have a degree, I wasn’t involved in the invention of the internet, I didn’t pioneer the use of MapReduce, and — confession time — I have no idea how TensorFlow works (but I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of sorcery involved).

While reading his story I can’t stop to think about my own journey. I have started on the path. I am nowhere thought but I hope to trek the same path. I always wonder how people from completely different backgrounds make it to places like Hiroshi did. How my journey would be different if I had a conducive environment which promoted stress and goal free learning and mentor who had a 10,000 view over me to scold me when I am wasting time and appreciate when I am working in the right direction. Wherever I am it is because of the guide free learning. But where I want to be requires eagle like focus. An eagle who hasn’t eaten in several days.

Hiroshi Lockheimer write in “So, how did you get here?”.