Thirty One

I turned thirty one.

A lot has changed in this year. An year ago Udacity invited me to become a mentor. At that point, I really didn’t believe anyone would pay me to have interesting discussions in their online community. It was something that I was doing for fun for a while.

One of the great things about living around the family is that you get to visit everyone often. That I have done a lot and I am happy about it.

Earlier this year I moved to Bangalore. I had an opportunity to spend a day at Google India’s office. It may not be a big deal but remember it’s something I didn’t imagine. I have also met a lot of interesting folks at several of the blrdroid meetups.

The last couple of years have been rocky as far as productivity was concerned. This year I have said no to things that I don’t want to do but feels like I should. I have focused and improved myself beyond my own estimation. I can now actually look forward to having a great career which brings me closer to my own identity.

After thirty years of neglecting health and not utilizing the vigor of twenties, I have finally joined a functional training class that I intend to pursue very seriously. I want to feel the strength. I want to feel the what people feel when they pursue something.