June 19th, 2019

I happen to meet a full-stack developer, over bonfire, in a secluded property in Coorg, Karnataka, India. Instead of mingling with other wanderers we had to talk about development. He made a strong argument about mastering your current skills and skills that may come useful in future. He also made strong arguments regarding hybrid mobile development.

I have for a long time resisted venturing out of Android world and that too native because I want to be master of my trade and not the jack of all. Although the amount of stage time that Flutter is getting has made it difficult to ignore.

The current plan is to spend one day on native development and other day on hybrid. The burning question is how to begin learning. I quickly ended up on the blog post – I want to learn Flutter. How to start? by Pooja Bhaumik.

I have worked my way through Pooja’s talk and have also quickly skimmed through the Google Codelab. The links can be found in Pooja’s blogpost.

I intend to start building project in Flutter as soon as possible as I don’t want to get too theoretical. I want to see if Flutter could be used in one of my projects.