Learn The Basics

As I am progressing in my Android learning experience I feel severe need of collaboration. As a result I decided to look for projects that I can contribute to.

WordPress fan that I am I tried to get into it. WordPress’ codebase is huge. It didn’t make much sense. I wasn’t sure where to begin. Also I have never really used WordPress’ mobile app.

I am also a big fan of ownCloud. I have tried to contribute to their Android project but I couldn’t do much. Things have changed and I am a little more experienced now. I would say I have had enough eye time with the ownCloud repository. I quickly found an AlertDialog that could use some love. My pull request is up waiting to be merged.

It is interesting to see that Android developers are writing so much about new things in Android. Libraries, MVC patterns, etc. but in real world folks are still running AsyncTask and all. The morale of the story is that learn the basics. Learn the lifecycle. These are the keys.