September 14th, 2018

I released the movies and TV shows application I was working on. The link can be found below.

The app is a work of several months of learning several new concepts like Kotlin, Dagger 2, MVVM, Android Architecture Components, Data Binding, etc.

The release process was also interesting. Naming, short, and long description should be both common and clear so that it can be found easily via search and be easily understood. Same goes for the icons and various images that are needed for the Google Play.

May 19th, 2018

I have recently started doing Sudarshan Kriya. I went to a three day Art of Living’s Happiness Project camp. I can’t really believe in anyone unless that person defeats me in logic. Osho had that effect. Recently, Jordan Peterson seems to have the same effect on me. I am not of a bhakt kind who likes dancing, and positive affirmations. I was mostly interested in their Yoga technique.

I did learn Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Sudarshan Kriya well. I think it has made me a bit more alert. The stress is still there but I am not so tired these days.

November 8th, 2017

In my dreams, that I watch awake with open eyes, I see myself riding a motorcycle in a thick dense forest. I wanted a bike which looked great, has a brand name, and would do well in long distance riding. I didn’t want a commuter bike. I am a first time rider. It makes sense for me to invest an amount which I can’t be sour about if I didn’t enjoy riding. I narrowed down to KTM Duke and Royal Enfield Stealth Black.

KTM Duke with its striking orange looked a bit childish. It’s a powerful bike with very little weight.

Royal Enfield Stealth Black is reasonably priced, a lot of people ride it for long distance, has a good look and a brand behind it. I finally booked one for myself.

October 20th, 2017

A large horde of people visit a small temple near my native town Datia. It’s called Ratangarh Mata.

These people walk, ride on motorcycles, travel in tractors and trucks like cattle.

Along the way you would find other religious minded people serving them with water and food.

What was unfortunate in this whole charade was them ruining the environment by throwing away the plastic trash.

Sixteenth of the Seventh of the Twenty Seventeen

I have just spent two days fixing my computer after the Fedora 26 upgrade broke my system. I upgraded my Fedora 25 to Fedora 26. It kept throwing Kernel oops through the ABRT. It was so damn annoying to see the error pop-up every second.

I thought it might be a good time to switch to Ubuntu. Then the question comes which Ubuntu to try. Ubuntu regular has the same issues as Fedora whereas Ubuntu LTS runs Plasma 5.5. I also got scared to adding so many PPAs to get my functionality. The camel that broke my back was the poor touchpad sensitivity. Synaptics really doesn’t detect palm that well. The cursor kept jumping here and there as my palm touched the touchpad during typing.

I came back to Fedora. Arch would have been another solution probably better than Fedora or Ubuntu but the issue is I don’t want to get on RTFM-train. I am quite happy with a distro that does everything for me.

I have started going to the functional training class. It’s a great thing that I started. I am hoping that in a couple of months I should be a very strong man.

I have decided to go to the class three times a week. The last week I was only able to go there for two times. I didn’t have energy to go on Friday. Gym requires certain type of discipline. I don’t have that. This discipline is majoring food and sleep. Unless you are eating well and sleeping well the gym is going to suck. I ate my lunch at 4 o’clock on Friday. The gym was out of question.

This week I am going to make sure that I go to the gym all three days.

I have some complex thoughts in my mind that I am not able to comprehend or put in words. Maybe some other day.

Twenty Third Of The Fourth Of Twenty Seventeen

Sugar and starchy foods like rice and potatoes have a draconian status. I wanted to try to live without them and see if they helps in weight loss.

Sugar-free tea didn’t really bother me. The amount of milk I add to my tea already brings some of its natural sugar flavor that I can live with. I would love to get rid of my dependence on added sugar.

Indian diet is so starch rich that it is hard to avoid it. I am going to avoid them intentionally but take it when I have to.

What would be a stoics diet be?

Twenty Second Of The Fourth Of The Twenty Seventeen

The month of April has been interesting for me. I thought my productivity would be at all time high because I would not be traveling the whole month but exactly opposite has happened.

The first couple of days of April were wasted because banks forced me to get out of my home during random times.

The next couple of days were glorious because I had an amazing opportunity to attend the very first Google certification summit.

The rest of the days I was just lazy and tired. My energy levels are low. I am not sure if it’s the heat, food, or extra work I have been doing lately.

I want to try giving up on sugar from tomorrow to control the out of hand weight gain I have been experiencing lately.

A Day Without The Laptop

I had my laptop’s screen hinge fixed today. I had to spend around 6 hours without it as it was being fixed.

It’s unnerving to have to spend even a few hours without computer or internet or electricity for that matter. Life seems to stop without these artificial necessities.

When I think about it my life is filled with similar artificial necessities. Social networks, news and communication apps, games, etc. fill up most of my day. Even without realizing I am spending a whole lifetime doing things that are not important.

I have had periods where I stopped watching television or reading news. It’s good in the sense that I am not in hurry when I am not suppose to constantly catch up on something but more than often a hole, even a shallow one, can’t resist getting filled up with river of stimuli that we have around us.

One could go away and live like a hermit but it’s easy to be a hermit than to live through stimuli and not be affected by it.

Even if I wanted to make a point, to what point would it be.

Journal Wednesday May 11

Captain America:Civil Wars is a freaking awesome movie. I don’t want to spoil the film but Cap is wrong in so many ways.

Harold uses word social graph in Person of Interest. I feel like the show was way ahead of it’s time.

Apple IN has started selling 8GB RAM Air laptops in India. The 13″ version is ₹80,000. You can get a great desktop for that amount.