On Kashmir

I happen to come across ScoopWhoop’s documentary on Kashmir. The situation in Kashmir makes me deeply sad.

There are a number of things that disturbed me.

  1. Stone pelting.
  2. Waving of flags and sloganeering of failed states.
  3. Localites paying homage to people linked to terrorist connections.
  4. Security forces abusing their power.
  5. People in New Delhi with misguided policies.
  6. People like me who sit in their homes pretending everything in right in the world.

Young person in the documentary seemed to completely lack any knowledge of geopolitical realities in south-east Asia. You would be an idiot to think that Kashmir will be able to survive with our hostile neighbors – Pakistan and China.

What would you want to align with a failed state? Look how developed in India side of Kashmir is and how poor state is in POK and China occupied Kashmir.

The person accused New Delhi of not providing them a safe space for political protest. To be truthful I didn’t like the Pakistan flag waving or ISIS flag waving. ISIS is killing people. ISIS is raping women. ISIS is an evil organization. Anyone who thinks that ISIS is some good organization needs to be sent to a psychiatric asylum.

The person also accused security forces of using excessive force. Duh you pelt stone. What kind of response were you expecting. Forceful protest will always receive even greater and graver response.

The young revolutionary raised two very important points.

Kashmiri leaders are living a lavish life while the Kashmir bleeds. They send their kids to foreign universities. They live a happy, healthy, and rich life something that an average Kashmiri can never even imagine.

The second most important point that was mentioned was that security forces are running an illegal ring in Kashmir. They pick up kids and young people and send them to torture chambers. They are put on public safety act lists so that they can harassed forever. Their FIRs are not filled. Them behind bar from a legal standpoint doesn’t exist. They have to bribe cops to be able to get their kids out of jail.

In a nutshell we have created a situation where peace can’t survive.¬†It is very shameful situation for India. This is not us. We are supposed to represent peace and prosperity.

Remote Work

I have been thinking about how to improve my workflow because the one I have is not successful. A lot of things suggested for work-from-home-folks are always not possible. Not initially. Such as separate work and home environment. Separate machines.

UK voted to leave EU.

I recently watched The 100. It is a show about a hundred delinquent kids who have to sentenced to Earth. The whole idea of living with limited means and under constant threat is very appealing.

Life without constraints is life not worth living.

Today I woke up late and for some reason I wasn’t able to buy milk. I was in no mood to walk a kilometre to get milk. I didn’t drink tea. It was interesting experience.

WordPress mobile app released a new text editor. I like it a lot.

Bug Free Open Source

Actually, “zero defects” meant that at any given time, the highest priority is to eliminate bugsbefore¬†writing any new code.

I am blown away by The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code article by Joel Spolsky.

He is correct in saying that most software that we see in wild would come around 2-3 on his 12 point scale. Open source would be completely different if it adopted the Zero Defect Methodology.

Being An Uncle

I am an uncle now. My sister gave birth of a healthy and beautiful baby girl. It’s amazing that we, mostly the women, endure great pains continue our legacy in form of our kids and at the same time we don’t care about the world we are going to leave for them. Where do you fit the cynicism with a young one that you brought in this world?

A Day Without The Laptop

I had my laptop’s screen hinge fixed today. I had to spend around 6 hours without it as it was being fixed.

It’s unnerving to have to spend even a few hours without computer or internet or electricity for that matter. Life seems to stop without these artificial necessities.

When I think about it my life is filled with similar artificial necessities. Social networks, news and communication apps, games, etc. fill up most of my day. Even without realizing I am spending a whole lifetime doing things that are not important.

I have had periods where I stopped watching television or reading news. It’s good in the sense that I am not in hurry when I am not suppose to constantly catch up on something but more than often a hole, even a shallow one, can’t resist getting filled up with river of stimuli that we have around us.

One could go away and live like a hermit but it’s easy to be a hermit than to live through stimuli and not be affected by it.

Even if I wanted to make a point, to what point would it be.