Android Readings August 21st 2017

This was because of so many reasons, and one of the reasons was the not so clear understanding about the difference between expressions and statements and I am specifically talking about understanding the way this concepts present themeself in Java and Kotlin. Dario Mungoi in Writing Kotlin the Kotlin(Non Java) Way.  

Android Reading June 22nd 2017

Behind every successful technology is a strong ecosystem. Without the right tools and community, a new programming language will never achieve the uptake required to become a success. That’s why it’s so important that Kotlin is built into the Java ecosystem rather than outside of it. Joe Kutner in On the Rise of Kotlin

Android Reading June 21st 2017

In Kotlin, every class is finalby default. You must explicitly use the keyword open, which is the exact opposite of Java’s final, to allow the class to be capable of inheritance. Lukas Lechner in How “Effective Java” may have influenced the design of Kotlin — Part 2

Android Reading June 19th 2017

Creators of modern programming languages have a big advantage because they are able to analyze the weaknesses of established languages and make things better themselves. Lukas Lechner in How “Effective Java” may have influenced the design of Kotlin — Part 1 They’re common sense language features that, when compared to Java, end up saving you a bunch ofContinue reading “Android Reading June 19th 2017”