March 11th 2016

Technically it’s March 12th but the hasn’t ended for me yet.

This year’s weather has been weird. Scorching Sun is already upon us.

I read some things about HTML, XHTML, and HTML5 today. I am still not sure the difference among them. Especially XHTML stands for Extensible Markup Language which can be XML too. Maybe there’s a `hyper` that I can’t remember.

Not much app development today. System is yet not in working conditions.

I tried Kubuntu 14.04 which has previous generation of Plasma which works very well but is old. I am not sure where the real problem is. In my head or the system. Ignorance is the key.

No walk either. I did end up cleaning the flat. It’s always a nice thing to sit around in clean environment.

Pam Selle wrote about working remotely on her blog I do wish if I could do similar experiments.