December 31st, 2017

Last post of the year.

This year has been an interesting for me. I moved to Bangalore. I attended a lot of meetups. I made acquaintance with several developers. I attended Google Developer Days. I lost my wallet. I reconnected. I bought a bike. I attended to my needs. I joined a gym and realized that I might like bodybuilding.

This year I thought a lot about what and who I am and want to be. There has been a constant struggle to act on gender stereotypes.

I am ending my day with an act of kindness. Someone made a mistake and I let it go and paid for his mistake. I am not going to ruin someone’s new year for a few hundred rupees. I don’t know if this is good thing or bad. I am not sure how that other person is going to take my random act of kindness.

What’s in for 2018? I am going to change my focus from money to my career and health. I think I have neglected both of them in 2017. I don’t plan on to do from now on. It will be difficult but I will try my best to change things.

I have gained significant amount of weight in last couple of years. I need to regain my health in 2018. I want to lose a pound per week and reach my weight goal by the end of October 2018.

Career-wise I want to reach new heights. I want to become a top developer. I am a bit confused as to how to achieve that. I don’t feel like taking any classes anymore. I think they have outlived their utility for me. At the same time they might serve an important purpose.