Project One

Last week was full of going place and goofing around. That’s over and it’s time to get back to work.

I have started working on the first project of Udacity Android Nanodegree. The Stage one of the first project is to create a movie app. This app will show a grid of movie posters and clicking on movie posters will show details about the movie.

Seems to be a fairly simple project which will involve RecyclerView with GridLayoutManager for showing movie thumbnails, Picasso for image processing, AsyncTask and HTTPClient for asynchronous data download, MovieDB API, etc.. I might end up using only one library or I might use Retrofit for API calls. I am not sure yet.

I am using a new theme called Blogline. My favorite theme is Twenty Thirteen but that’s not a suitable theme for a to be programming blog. Although I want to keep using this sharing my personal views. I like how Twenty Thirteen has all these post types which are color coded. I want a theme that has a top bar. I am fine with it being sticky but would be nice if it collapsed on scrolling and reading. I want a single pane layout. I like how Ghost has text in big font in center and a hidden menu on right corner. I might also only use horizontal ads so it doesn’t mess with the single pane layout. I will let all the navigation happen through top panel and pages. This new theme lets me achieve most of it. There also Zerif Lite which I am not sure how to convert in a blog. Codilight is perfect but comes with a deserving price tag.

It took me a long time to get rid of feeling to need to follow several tech news websites. I am stuck in same situation again. Udacity community is a little bit spread around. There’s official discussion forums and G+ community. There are two Slacks androidnanodegree and udaciouspeople. I already follow and Indian hacker’s Slack. I want to follow StackOverflow. Besides that there’s email and clash of clan. That’s too many things and too little time. I might start focusing more on official channels like discussion forum and G+ community.